After Porsche and BMW, Danieli Henschel presses package scrap metal at Renault

After more than three years of successful operation on the BMW site in Regensburg, Germany, European recycling equipment manufacturer Danieli Henschel confirms its position as a favoured partner in the automotive industry with the installation of a new triple compression press at RENAULT. By processing its manufacturing waste in this way, the RENAULT Group is putting the emphasis on recycling secondary raw materials and protecting the environment.



The only car manufacturing plant in Slovenia (but also one of the largest industrial sites in the country), the Renault site in Novo Mesto manufactures the Clio II and Twingo II on its 210,000 vehicles per year production line. The site’s 2,000 workers stamp out, form the metalwork, paint and assemble the vehicles before sending them into Renault’s European distribution network.

The Danieli Henschel quotation, accepted by the manufacturer’s technical team for the in situ management of production scrap, was presented jointly with Sita Metalimpex, a specialist in the management and recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals. The installation proposed fits perfectly with the way the site is organised: handled automatically using a weighing system, the newly produced scrap is continuously fed into a triple compression press. At 300 x 300 mm in size, the packets formed in the press are discharged on to a 13 metre-long ramp, then sent to buckets via a rotary conveyor.

The Danieli Henschel PTC 1230 is the mid-size model in the company’s 30 x 30 triple compression #14-PTCrange (noted for the PTC 1440 and 1640H models). These models, particularly suited to an industrial environment, were designed for intensive 24/7 use, whatever the product being processed: steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, etc.

The twelve standard models in the PTC range are available in six box widths and can easily output more than 50 tonnes an hour. To increase their service life and reduce maintenance costs, they are equipped with wave-shaped wear plates on the box floor. The Danieli Henschel patented blade set and wear plate adjustment system makes this press the least costly on the market to maintain  in terms of wear parts and consumption of lubricant.

For ease of use and maintenance, all Danieli Henschel presses are equipped with a touch screen, providing an interface between the operator and the machine. This information module is connected to Danieli Henschel customer service, providing remote connection and telediagnosis in real time. Linked to this interface, Danieli Henschel also offers the additional Henschel Electronic Advanced Design system (known as HEAD) which provides rapid external access to the machine’s production and maintenance data. Accessible to the operator via a secure website, he/she can regularly consult the machine’s history, hydraulic and thermal data and production and maintenance readings. The interface can also adjust the frequency at which the customer wishes to retrieve data and import it into an easy-to-use spreadsheet.

To meet the customer’s requirements and only after an in-depth study of the site’s specific needs has been conducted, every Danieli Henschel triple compression press is supplied ready for use with a set of perfectly tailored equipment and tools enabling the production line to be fully automated.

This great success with RENAULT complements recent orders for Danieli Henschel presses from German manufacturers PORSCHE and BMW.


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