Danieli Centro Recycling strengthens its position in the recycling market

Danieli Group’s “Danieli Centro Recycling” division strengthens its position as a leading supplier of complete plants and equipment for the metals industry worldwide with several recent successful projects:

> Danieli Centro Recycling has been awarded a contract to supply three DCR 1822 aluminium shredding recycling lines, including the downstream process, to Novelis Nachterstedt, Germany. Novelis is one of the biggest recyclers and producers of aluminium cans in the world and is currently building one of the world’s largest aluminium recycling facilities in Germany.

> In Brescia, Italy, Danieli Centro Recycling has recently completed commissioning on a recycling plant which features a DCR pre-shredder and DCR 1827 shredder mill for RMB S.p.A., a renowned and profitable scrap dealer. The plant also includes a complete environmental protection solution comprising innovative dust extraction and noise insulation measures.

> Also, the Spanish recycling company Medenasa – Metales de Navarra’s plant comprises a DCR 1822 shredder and ferrous/non ferrous recovery downstream. A key feature of this installation is the introduction of the innovative LV inverter solution for the shredder drive.

> In May 2013, Taybah ordered a 1000t shear and a shredder installation designed to provide processed recycled steel feedstock for a nanomill.  Meanwhile, the State of Kuwait has confirmed its order of a 1250t shear and Natsteel Singpore an order to supply a 1400t shear. Also, the CIS market is extremely active. Orders of a briquetting press for Inchermet, an 800 ton shear for UMMC, and 1000 ton shear plus a 2000 HP shredder for Belarus Belvtormet were made.  Furthermore, an inclined 800 t shear will be soon delivered to Agni Steel, and a grinder mill to Bin Services. Both companies are based in South Africa.

> In the coming months, a 1000t shear will be delivered to EVN and an 800t to Lacroix – both based in France – a triple compression to Boone Comenor, Slovakia, and three additional shears with an 800t to Kutter, Germany. Finally, an inclined 600 tons is destined for Metfer and for Goutte in Switzerland.

> This month, Danieli will complete manufacturing on the new DCR6290 shredder mill. Developed specifically for the Chinese and South American markets, the mill provides all the benefits of the Danieli DCR range at increased cost efficiency. The first mill from this line will be on display at the BIR World Recycling Convention and Exhibition in Shanghai from 27th-29th May 2013.


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