2013: Mobility Year at Danieli Henschel (up to 960 tonnes, too!)

At Danieli Henschel, our strategy is clear. To be a Full-liner and offer recycling companies all the equipment they need for the processing of scrap metal.

Danieli Henschel has its headquarters in Chambéry (France). It joined Italian group Danieli in 2012, at which time it already offered a wide range of:

> Scrap shears with lateral box, from 800 to 1600 tonnes
> Scrap shears with press wings, from 600 to 1250 tonnes
> Inclined shears, from 500 to 1100 tonnes
> Single-acting, double-acting, and triple-acting balers
> Double- and triple-shaft pre-shredders, from 400 to 800 kW
> Vertical shredders, 250 and 600 kW
> Danieli Lynxs hammer shredders, from 800 to 10,000 HP
> Briquetting press, from 2 to 10 t/h

This makes a total of more than 100 different scrap metal processing machines, to process its customers’ materials in the most profitable and productive way possible.

2013 will be Mobility Year, with the arrival of a complete range of mobile shear balers.

Danieli Henschel has already been building CIV 600-8L DM shear balers with press wings for many years; a product that has won over many customers in France, Germany, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine, to name just some of the countries where you might see these fantastic shear balers that combine mobility with operating power (600 tonnes of shearing power).

In 2011, the CIV 600-8L DM received a technological facelift: next-generation hydraulics, upgraded soundproofing, etc. This is the basis on which Danieli Henschel is now offering a range of higher-powered mobile shear balers, from 720 to 960 tonnes. And so, the Danieli Henschel design office created the following shear balers:

> CIV 720L DM, combining 720-tonne cutting power, a 7.4-m long box, and a five-axle carrier chassis
> CIV 800L DM with 800 tonnes of cutting power, a 7.4-m long box, and six axles
> CIV 960L DM whose cutting force goes up to 960 tonnes, again with a 7.4-m box and six axles.

In short: Danieli Henschel offers its customers the complementary features of mobility, cutting power from 600 to 960 tonnes, and boxes measuring from 6 to 7.40 metres. It doesn’t get much better than that!


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Danieli Team mission is to serve Customers with competitive plant and process technology/automation to produce quality at the lowest depreciation and production cash costs and offer efficient after-sale service. The technology spectrum and relevant process know-how provided by our Product Lines, the well-known tendency towards innovation and high reliability are the best guarantees in reaching this target.

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