Shear your costs!

Since 1950, Danieli Henschel has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic shears adapted to its customers’ requirements all around the world. Their shears have been known to be reliable as regards efficiency and durability. Once more Danieli Henschel is responding to customers changing needs by proposing the OPTIMA+ ®, a new version of hydraulic shears more cost-effective and adapted to the client competitive market.

With a choice of three cutting forces: 800, 1000 and 1200 tonnes, and two types of pre-processing boxes for the scrap: side and press-wing precompression, Danieli Henschel offers once more the largest  selection of technological solutions, matching the customers expectations.

With a high level of versatility and performances, the OPTIMA+® shears are capable to process any kind of scrap metal, heavy to light. The return on investment is secured to be excellent.

OPTIMA+®, what is it ?

> A multiple choice of pre-processing boxes:

-    boxes with precompression by means of press-wings, 6,2 to 7,6 m long, overstroke on each wing to minimize the wearing of the wear plates,


-    boxes with side precompression, 6 to 8 m long, and the new Danieli Henschel offer: the lid EXTRALID®, providing high densification of bulky scrap metal, thanks to its large covering surface and its overstroke function. In both versions, the charging boxes ensure accurate works by using magnetrostrictive sensors.


> A modular construction to limit the costs of civil engineering, handling and transport during the machine installation, and to add possibility of stuffing the hydraulic power station into a specific container, further reducing the preparatory works.

> A long lifetime hydraulic power unit, thanks to the selection of advanced technologies, especially featuring the best hydraulic pumps available on the market.


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Danieli Team mission is to serve Customers with competitive plant and process technology/automation to produce quality at the lowest depreciation and production cash costs and offer efficient after-sale service. The technology spectrum and relevant process know-how provided by our Product Lines, the well-known tendency towards innovation and high reliability are the best guarantees in reaching this target.

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