Baling presses: AKROS HENSCHEL positions itself as the market leader!

Akros Henschel remains the unquestionable scrap metal recyclers’ and steel factories partner. With single, double and triple acting presses producing bales with final pressures ranging from 45 to 560 daN/cm3, Akros Henschel offers the widest range of baling presses on the market.

The latest sales of 4 very big baling presses through the Akros Henschel office in China and its distributors in Belgium and Poland, testify of the privileged position of Akros Henschel on the world recycling market.

  • The steel factory WISCO in Wuhan, China, is preparing for the arrival of the new Akros Henschel press, type PTC 2175 H. With compression force of 1270 T on the third compression, and bales of 75×60 cm, the press now commissioned in the production plant of Kassel in Germany, will enable the production of bales weighing far more than 1 T.
  • Cronimet group, world leader in the treatment of stainless steel, will soon receive two presses fitted with a lid, type PCV 2560, for the production of 60×60 cm bales for operations in Germany and In Poland.
  • Galloo group, one of the most prominent company in Europe for the recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals decided to replace their former press at their working site in Menen in Belgium by an Akros Henschel baling press, type PTC 2060 CV.

With the core competence in development and assembly of machines dedicated to the recycling of steel and metals, Akros Henschel enhances daily its ranges of shears, presses, pre-shredders and shredders in order to meet the more and more demanding requirements of customers.


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