New range of shears Akros Henschel: The quiet revolution

Between Henchel, the top-ranked manufacturer of  bulky shears with side-compression box and two or three levels and pushers and Akros developing three different sorts of shears with wings, inclined or traditional, a lot of tenacity , patience and attention have been necessary to develop a new range of shears.

The German thoroughness and quality were confronted to the analysis of the value and standardization experimented by the French teams.

A new range was born in an agreed spirit of quality and optimization with the priority given to the satifaction of the customer during the machine lifecycle.

The main stages are the following :

Shearing head:

  • The hydraulic cylinders , the blades and the pusher ram are adjusted from the top.
  • Spout  smooths the fall of cut scraps and makes the access to the blades easier when changes occur.
  • Hydraulic tightening of fixed and mobile blades and the providing of tools makes easier the handling of blades.
  • Connection head-box  has been simplified.
  • Shifting eccentric slide.


  • The pusher ram is equipped ahead of a scraper blade
  • It is laser positioned and moves on a grooved floor


  • Low pressure pumps instead of gear
  • Vertical positioned filters

Control station:

  • Electronic starter
  • Disjunctor instead of fuses
  • Bidirectional radioremote control
  • More didactical display
  • Emphasized telediagnosis integrating production data

From 700 T to 1600 T, all Akros-Henschel shears are going to benefit by these new adjustments which are going to  improve their lifecycle, their maintenance and their performances.


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