Akros Henshel is going to deliver this year a 800-Kw  pre-shredder to GDE for its working site in Limay, upstream from a 6000 HP-shredder.

The Franco- German manufacturer is a market leader in this specific field which experiences a new development owing to the latest evolution of environmental standards.

As a matter of fact the pre-shredder is often upstream from  a shredder for the fragmentation of bales and ELV. It enables to optimize the functionning of the shredder by homogenizing its supplies. This leads to an increasing production, decreasing damages, (the ends in the electrical consumptions are sleeked) and as far as environmental issues are concerned , a sharp decrease of noise and above all a sharp decrease in  the risks of explosions. Moreover, products which might damage shredders are not processed owing to the non-pre-grinding equipment enabling to sort them out of the flow.

  • These machines, activated by hydraulic engines, can be equipped  with two or three chipping axes.
  • The first ones enable high production, the second ones enable thinner cuts

With more than 40 machines sold in the world, and 7 templates available, Akros-Henschel benefits from an important technological advance.


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